Friday, August 2, 2013

House Crush No. 4 - Mod Retreat

Okay, this is bizarre!  Did you ever have a feeling that someone creeped on your dreams? I've heard of social media creeping, but dream creeping?  Sorry to be the bearer of this news, but it is possible as evidenced by House Crush No. 4.

Where tradition says mountain retreat = rustic, the naysayers (me included) say not necessarily.  Or in a sassier frame, "who says so?"

I am crushing on how the rustic character of this home is so much more prominent by the contrast of of the unpredictable furnishings and decor.

Seriously, the view seems clearer simply because the old adage "bring the outdoors in" wasn't on the agenda. Well done!

My kind of room, a barn door and a modern chandelier.  Opposites attract!

The air inside is just as crisp and clean as the air outside.  Now that's how you bring the outdoors in!

Mod retreat indeed!  I have a house crush!

Image Sources:  Elle Decor

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