Friday, August 16, 2013

Well Dressed Home No. 37 - Accessorizing Cocktail Ottomans

And so it begins.  A solution creates a need for one.  The cocktail ottoman totally makes sense in its application.  It is the perfect solution for providing a comfortable place to prop our feet without hearing the voice of our mother in our heads telling us to get our feet off the furniture.  Now how do we accessorize it?

This is one of the reasons I love design.  The challenge of finding all the "right" answers for a room is ever present.  And for those who know me, you understand why I put right in quotation marks.  For clarification, right doesn't mean referring to a rule book. Ever!

Accessorizing a cocktail ottoman should be no different the accessorizing any other tabletop surface.  Just keep in mind whatever you put on the cocktail ottoman shouldn't defeat the purpose of the ottoman.  After all it is there to be able to kick up our feet.  One of the reasons why one accessory that is synonymous with the cocktail ottoman is a great tray, it is easily set aside.

Notice how the tray can easily be removed in one quick swoop
to kick up one's feet.

Loving how perfect the accessorizing is achieving a finished look while still leaving
room for your tootsies!

Yes, it can be as simple as a tray with a shell collection.

Don't forget this is a cocktail ottoman, those coffee table books are called that for a reason.  The cocktail ottoman is your coffee table, redefined.  So a collection of great books stacked and even topped with a key object is pleasing.

No one said you can't have both!  

Don't limit yourself to one or the other.  No one said you can't have both.  As a matter of fact, I highly recommend it if you have the space!  Especially if you can semi tuck the cocktail ottoman under the cocktail table.  

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