Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Translation Fashion to Home No. 16 - Zac Posen Fall 2014

The color combinations of the Zac Posen Fall 2014 Collection are amazing.  I am loving the combination of a traditional Fall-inspired color palette with the surprise of a pastel, such as lavender.

This room is truly a translation.

The sleekness of the color palette and furniture lines is a great translation
in a transitional form.

A fireplace, velvet chairs, carved wood, leather.  All with
just the right amount of light coming in the windows.

Fashion translation even in the mudroom!

Like taking in the peak of Fall foliage!

Fantastic, everything.  The ceiling, the rug,
the mouldings, the simplistic art...everything.

Just like the first hints of Fall season.

The layering of textures in the room are brilliant.

The color palette doesn't have to dictate a dark room.

Great combination of pastel, dark woods, and chocolate brown rug and
drapery banding!

I love animal print with this color combination so much!
(And you know you'd put on a pair of leopard print heels with
either one of those suits!)

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