Thursday, October 24, 2013

Be Inspired No. 63 - No Lamps, Bedside!

Be inspired to think beyond lamps bedside. Clear up space on those night tables without sacrificing illumination. Anyone can plop a lamp down and plug it in. Be inspired by pendants, wall lights, and mini chandeliers!

You won't miss the lamps. Trust me!

No lamps, bedside is indeed inspiring! Ceiling or wall-mounted lighting is for any design lifestyle.

It can open the possibilities up for bedside table options you might not have if you are trying to fit a lamp on top.

So join the picket line and support no lamps, bedside! 

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Gotta Love No. 40 - Breaking the Rules

Well instead of looking at it as breaking a design rule, let's create a new one. Here it is:

When you've found a great piece - new rule is to think "oh the places it could go"!

It's that simple! Because I've heard it said too many times, "I love that piece, I just don't have a place for it". 

Think a cute-as-a-button chair or a handsome end table in the bathroom.

Think a overly long, fabulous console table in the bedroom!

Oh the places a dining table could go! Other than in the dining room! What a great console for a gallery hallway.

And that faux fur footstool?  Oh the places it could go!

Image Sources: Architectural Digest, Wild Chairy, South Shore Decorating, Enchanted Home

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Be Inspired No. 62 - Hanging It, Cleverly.

Be inspired to think beyond the way you've always seen things hanging in your home.  How awesome is this already stunning chandelier because someone decided to become clever in hanging it?

Clever like a fox is how these pendants are hanging!

Who says you can't hang artwork above a sofa floating in a room?

Cleverly stunning is what this definition of a mirror is!

I bet it is the first seat taken. Window seat cleverly redefined.

No refrigerator magnets for the children's artwork here!

Two fans and a chandelier? Cleverly.

The cleverness of "un-hanging".

Be inspired to hang it, cleverly!

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Gift Giving No. 6 - Tags and Ribbons

I am a sucker for beautiful gift wrapping paper. But I love even more the simple paper designs with a lovely ribbon and clever gift tag.

It truly is the thought that counts. The thought that was put into finding the perfect gift and the thought that was put into the presentation of that perfect gift.

Keep your eyes open for the simple touches. A simple white tag layered with colorful textured paper and a pretty charm.

Some old books, ink stamps and some ribbon are great gift tag materials.

A subway map makes a great bow!

A simple bow tutorial!

Precut tag, leaves, and some twine make another inspired gift tag. All you need now is
a metallic gold pen and your best penmanship.

Loving this gift wrapped from the stock market page of the newspaper.
Great for the investment junkie.

Fun gift tags for wine!

Know someone who never forgets an occasion? I think a gift box of tags and ribbons would be a great gift idea!

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Rethinking the Look of Things No. 42 - Armoires, They Aren't Just for Bedrooms

Let's rethink the look of things when it comes to built-in bookshelves and other cabinetry.The acceptable painted white built-in bookcases flanking a fireplace, or the six-panel doored linen closet, or even the pantry in the kitchen that matches the rest of the cabinetry are too typical. 

Why settle for typical when there are so many other wonderful furniture pieces that can provide the storage needed, but in a more creative and beautiful way?

Or even rethink the design of the built-ins, be more creative with the door selection, the finish, the lighting, and even the placement to achieve character.

Armoires make a wonderful alternative to a linen closet, for sure!

Even a vintage piece becomes a focal point and warms any space.  Genius!

The built-in shown in the above image is inspiring, simple, but elegant.

Another example of rethinking built-ins is the placement of the built-ins above.  Painted white, yes, but the glass on both sides and the expansion of the storage overhead adds to the light airy feel of the space.

So let's rethink built-ins and linen closets. You might find you do have a place for that piece you've had your eye on for so long!

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Be Inspired No. 61 - Aqua Sky?

If you have one you love it, it you haven't acquired one yet, you have it on your "someday wish list". Because you're convinced that your baked goods just turn out more delectable. Kitchenaid recently introduced a new color to their already extensive line up. They call it "aqua sky". 

Some might call it reminiscent to "Mason Jar blue" or "Tiffany blue". I call it inspirational! 

Inspirational because bright, bold, saturated color is okay. It's time to get off the "pop of color" band wagon. If you like a color - use it boldly!

Aqua sky coloring is a delightful shade that can be mixed with so many colors that compliment it. Lime and chartreuse greens, browns, oranges, crisp whites, golds, pinks, corals...enough said?

And I can't say enough about the possibilities of mixing patterns with aqua sky shades. Animal prints, Chevron, houndstooth, plaids and stripes.

So let a mixer, a glass jar, or a gift box inspire you to design a beautiful space in your home.

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