Friday, August 23, 2013

Well Dressed Home No. 38 - The Artist's Easel

There are things I wish I had the talent to do and there are talents I have that I forever remind myself to not take for granted.  So I use the talents I have and admire those who have the talents I do not possess. Painting is one such admired talent.

I am all for repurposing, with some exceptions.  It is the admiration of the talent of a painter that is cause for one of these exceptions.  This is the use of the artist's easel for anything other than to hold something of beauty and that does not include a television!  Under no circumstances should a television be considered art. So the repurposing of the artist's easel as a TV stand is something I cannot appreciate.

On my dream list of things I would give placement in my home is a vintage Arredoluce lighted easel.  I adore the understated and slender design and the angled light that allows that favorite painting to be the center of attention.

The wooden artist's easel gives such strong presence to a painting allowing you to truly appreciate the painting at eye level.  To study each brushstroke and, if you dare, follow the path of that brushstroke with a reverent hand.

The table top easels are wonderful too.  What a fantastic way to show a treasured letter, or black and white photograph, or an artist's sketch.

I don't think that finding the best location in one's home for an easel is the challenge, no I believe finding the right art to display will be the ultimate challenge.

This challenge of finding just the right piece of art could take time.  But don't settle for a substitute, I'd rather a blank canvas than a stand in.

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