Thursday, June 4, 2015

When it Could be a Don't No. 10 - Mismatched Ottomans, Yes!

Who says an ottoman has to match the chair? Some might think it a design "don't" to use a mismatched ottoman. I welcome it! There are so many intriguing accent ottomans and footstools that it is almost a must to pair them up with a unsuspecting chair.

This could even mean using a shape different from the profile of your chair. I'm not talking about cocktail ottomans. This is an ottoman used to prop up your feet when you are getting cozy in your chair. 

This "don't" does have some rules. (Is that an oxymoron?) Watch your ottoman height in comparison to the seat height of your chair. You won't want the ottoman to be higher than the seat height, it would be uncomfortable. And I don't think an ottoman that is wider than your chair is aesthetically pleasing or in proper scale. Neither should the ottoman be so much smaller than the chair that is looks like a make-shift design choice. 

Think accent fabrics when choosing to introduce this look into your room. A great animal print or texture, or even faux crocodile or faux shimmer leather can be just the right choice.

Doesn't matter if your chair has exposed legs, it isn't necessary to also have exposed legs on the ottoman. And the mix of wood and metal is absolutely acceptable! 

If space allows for two ottomans with two chairs, go for it. But in this case the two ottomans should match, even if the two chairs don't. There has to be a limit to the mix-match or it just becomes a hodge podge. And a hodge podge is not good design.

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