Monday, August 5, 2013

Well Dressed Home No. 36 - Suspense, Wall Shelves

We are all familiar with the phrase "the suspense is killing me."  Here in this blog post is a visual translation of that phrase.  The wall shelves are suspended and they are amazing in placement and use. The suspense is killing me with inspiration!

The suspended wall shelf takes a display to a whole other level.  It brings the display to a level of appreciation that simply cannot be bettered.

I love how it not only accomplishes the look of art but in its utilitarian form declutters a space fantastically.

What a way to create a wonderful bar almost anywhere without the need for cabinetry.

Suspended shelving works to create artful wall entertainment "centers" in a clean way.  Where space might limit a location for an entertainment cabinet - wall shelving comes to the rescue.

It's hard to miss the suspended shelf, but when painted the same color as the walls in a room, what is noticed is how it serves as a quiet artful way of displaying one's treasures and collections.

An ingenious headboard is created simply by suspending a wall shelf above a bed and it is superb!

The suspense is killing me and I am alive with inspiration!

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