Friday, February 28, 2014

When it Could be a Don't No. 9 - There are No Rules

You go! Way to use that gaze ball and hide rug with those stuffy 
mouldings and swag window treatments!

I will say it over and over again. There are no design rules. Seriously. 

You win! Kudos for using those pediment cabinets with those 
modern cabinets! Now that's a kitchen all your own and it is beautiful!

I dub you "rule breaker", heart stealer. 
Traditional rug with bunching tables called pure art!

I tip my hat! Clean furnishing lines and a log 
wall and antlered trophy.

Go on my fellow free spirits! Live a don't! Oh yes you can, trust me, you'll smile every time you are in the room.

Image Sources: Marc Heldens, Merchant Design, Pinterest

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Be Inspired No. 71 - The Statement Piece


  1. 1.
    a definite or clear expression of something in speech or writing.
    "do you agree with this statement?"
    synonyms:declaration, expression of views/facts, affirmationassertion,announcementutterancecommunication
    and  proclamation

Be inspired to consider that the statement piece in the room doesn't have to be a piece of furniture. In fact, I am excited to concentrate on some of the synonyms of "statement"! I love declaration, announcement, and proclamation. That is certainly what oversized paintings offer.

What a license to expand our options when using "the declaration piece" or "the proclamation piece" in a room! The images in this blog post certainly answer to this refreshing outlook.

I truly am giddy with the possibilities. To have ownership of a true statement piece needing no explanation or introduction. A statement piece without a second guess.

This is inspiration that has me putting a big "X" over those interior design references that provide appropriate artwork sizes for rooms. The terminology "sofa size painting" should no longer be in your vocabulary. 

The other design practice this will kick to the curb is the accent wall painted a different color than the rest of the room. 

The added bonus to this inspiration of oversized paintings as the statement piece in a room is that it is virtually unlimited in its application. Unlike furniture statement pieces, that are full of definitive limitations. Be inspired!

Image Sources:  Joe Ruggiero Sr., 47 Park Ave., Eclectic Revisited, Jean-Louise Deniot, Style Carrot, Theaestate, Apartment Therapy, Pinterest

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Rethinking the Look of Things No. 44 - Hang it With Flair

Absolutely loving this chain-hung starburst mirror application!

Let's rethink the look of things when hanging our artwork and mirrors. It is extremely important to give thought to what we hang on the walls of our homes. But just as important is how we install it. As gallery style artwork installations have proven, sometimes one piece of artwork alone just isn't enough. But perhaps we've taken this gallery wall trend a bit too far. 

Layering simple pieces creates a great vignette.

After all there is something to be said about the simplicity of a beautiful piece of art or a dramatic mirror. It's okay to create drama by just propping a piece against a wall. 

Playing up those great photographs. Save this for only one area of your home.
This is not to be repeated or you've just killed the effect.

Hang your selections with flair, sometimes that is all it takes to highlight a great piece. Play up a few spectacular black and white photographic pieces by surrounding them with an ornate empty frame. Lovely.

Clever! Love the exclamation point effect this plays on.

Perfect combination of great furniture placement to enjoy a great 
artwork collection.

The high-low mirror application above this vanity is inspired.

Always love artwork hung on the front of bookcases. 
If you have a story tell with a special piece, what
better way to share then with other great stories in your library?!

Great way to highlight treasures collected from travel.

Amazing play on a wide "mat"! 

Don't get wrapped up in trend. Sometimes we allow trends to become a lazy answer to the "art" of hanging art. Sometimes a gallery wall is just a grouping of miscellaneous pictures. Our walls should hold more meaning than that!

Image Sources: South Shore Decorating, Elle Decor, Pinterest, Pufkin Homes, Laura Casey Interiors, Tumbler

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Speaking of Walls No. 9 - Chalkboard Paint, Chapter 2

With me, it started with that French pastry chef holding a chalkboard. Yes, I have had one of those for years and yes I still write musings on the board.

I prefer chalkboard paint as a unique art form and a way to inspire good thoughts. But I also love it in retail and cafe settings.

Anthropologie gets me every time with their creative displays. 

The simplicity of the chalkboard itself is an invitation for sweet nothings in the morning.

Finely-sketched chalkboard art is like the beautiful puzzle you work to put together and then you wait days to tear it apart and put it back in the box. Enjoy it as long as you like. Change it only when you are ready.

Using the chalkboard wall as a photography backdrop can  be so adorable.

Yves St. Laurent busy at work.

Image Sources:  House Beautiful, Gentlemen's Quarterly, Houzz, Pinterest, Vintage Chalkboard Blog, Design Sponge, Design to Inspire, La Maison Dannag, Tumbler, Core 77

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Well Dressed Home No. 52 - The Fireplace, Chapter 1

The fireplace gives such comfort and ambiance. Our committed to its design should pay tribute to that result.

Whether traditional, transitional, modern, or contemporary in style, the fireplace is an important focal point. Sorry, it's not the television we put in the same room. The aura of the fireplace will turn many heads its way no matter the movie star on the screen.

The design of the fireplace has evolved over time, don't forget giving it an update when redoing your room.

Be careful to consult with experts when designed a fireplace. It needs to be built for safety as well.

What inspiration for the Well Dressed Home.

Image Resources:  The Gifts of Life, Focal Point Styling, Houzz, Pinterest

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