Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Rooms I Love No. 8 - Nice Legs!

My definition of what an outfit is would be better described as what it is not.  Quite simply an outfit is not a suit.  It is not matching, rather it is creating a combination of beautiful pieces that compliments and evolves into beautiful personal style.  And in rooms that I love it is clearly evident that "outfitting" is the inspiration.

No competition here.  The legs, all of them, compliment this amazing floor!

The selection of beautiful pieces without regard to matching this leg style to that leg style creates a design aesthetic that is simply about what we love and what defines us.  Paying attention to conforming or matching robs one of a room that is a collection of pieces we "just fall in love with".  Don't let that happen.

Conformity is comfortable, but more comfortable is nonconformity.  You'll see, and feel this, once you give in to choosing to display and use what you love rather than what someone else loves.  So I am loving these rooms in Rooms I Love No. 8 because I first see the wonderful room; then I notice the mix of leg styles and nod my head to the one who said I know it isn't right for everyone, but, as for me, I like it.

Loving the legs, all of them!  Wood, metal, and skirted in harmonious creativity.

The simplicity of mixing!  Oxymoron love!

Leg mix - chunky and delicate.

Almost missed that side table, until I mentioned delicate?  A room is not to be studied for duplication.  A room is to be appreciated for its clear evidence that when we bring together the pieces we love - the result is a room we love.

In the words of ZZ Top, "She's got legs and she knows how to use them!"

Nice legs!  

Image Source:  Vicente Wolf, Elle Decor, Cote de Texas, Michael Penney, Houzz, Architectural Digest

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