Monday, August 26, 2013

Rethinking the Look of Things No. 38 - The Partners' Desk

I'm rethinking the look of the Partners' Desk.  Traditionally the partners' desk is one with carving, inlaid tooled leather and of the finest of woods polished to perfection.  But the take on the idea of a partners' desk can have a more relaxed, transitional feel.  Said to have originated in the UK, the partners' desk is a freestanding mirror image design with matching drawers on each side where business partners facing each other could both work.  

I'm loving how the idea of the partners' desk can be translated into a great work area in almost any area of our home.  That the vision of the cigar-smoking stodgy business-type is a thing of the past and that the concept of having a great work space shared with someone else can be fun and with personality.

The ability to mix seating or let our amusing side show in our work space can only cultivate production.  So those thank you cards get written, the letter to the editor gets accomplished, our 30-day novel comes alive, and we are catching a glance from our greatest fan across the desk.

I'll never forget when I started my career at an interior design firm I was working in an office with the Senior Designer/Owner and our desks were pushed together facing each other totally out of lack of space, but it was one of the best learning experiences of my years there.  To work so closely to someone I would learn a great deal from was invaluable.

This idea of facing our biggest encourager aka critic can be so important to dream accomplishment.  And the fact that rethinking the look of the partners' desk can open up so many possibilities on which to make those dreams come true.  Excuses for not setting out to conquer our goals are all but diminished.

So rethink the look of things when it comes to your home office.  Capture a work space that welcomes input, embraces sharing your work, and opens up buckets of possibilities for what comes across your desk.

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