Friday, December 5, 2014

Well Dressed Home No. 57 - Chandeliers Dressed for the Holidays

Every well-dressed home has perfectly-selected chandeliers in all right places, expected and beautifully surprising locations. And every one of those gems should be dressed for the holidays. 

Don't over do it. And most importantly, be careful to select with care. Remember these are electrically-powered and safety is of the utmost importance! 

A delightful surprise will be that you probably have all that you need in your stash of Christmas decorations. Give those treasures a fresh look! 

Indoors it is best to use artificial greenery for multiple reasons. One being the safety precautions, the other is to keep in mind that live greenery will drop needles and leaves. We all have enough on our plates at the holidays and the ease of entertainment is a priority. A host should enjoy their gatherings without worry. And I am a strong believer that if preparations are detailed and followed, the host/hostess can sit and enjoy their guests.

Let your chandelier be dressed for the holidays, just don't let it steal the show. After all, family and friends, joy and peace, memories and conversation, celebration of the birth of a King; those are the treasures of the season.

Remember your outdoor chandeliers! What a beautiful welcome. Don't have a hanging chandelier - create one! 

Every room of your home should be a special reminder of the Christmas season. Add a touch in every room. 

Merry Christmas! Peace on Earth, good will towards men!

Image Sources: Pinterest

Monday, October 27, 2014

Be Inspired No. 76 - The Lumbar Pillow

Be inspired to change your outlook on the accent pillows for the sofa, banquette, or settee. A simple long lumbar pillow in a wonderful fabric could just be simple perfection! This lumbar pillow is not for any style, it won't work and shouldn't be part of just any seating style. But when the match is found it is done so beautifully.

As with any accent pillows, the lumbar pillow shouldn't have to be taken off the seating piece to achieve comfort, rather it is part of the comfort. And scale is important in determining the right size.

This might just be the wow and unexpected accent on your seating. It could be constructed using a fabulous sari, batik, or kilim rug for that matter that holds memory from a favorite trip.

The lumbar pillow can be the only accent pillow on a seating piece or in addition to other accent pillows. This will depend on the piece and its scale.

The more I see this design element, the more I love the idea of it. It gives all the right reasons to use that dramatic fabric in a room's design. 

Reminds me of a trendy pair of shoes that are so fun you must have them. And then you try them on and they are one of the most comfortable footwear ever! Double bonus! Be inspired!

Image Sources: Elle Decor, Etsy, Decor Pad, Pinterest, Little Green Notebook, Amber Interior Design

Friday, October 24, 2014

At the Window No. 10 - Portiere

What a beautiful treatment over a doorway or an entrance to a room! Portiere is a Victorian-era treatment that, lightened up for today's home creates a fabulous room entrance or divide.

The architecture of a home will define where the portiere is appropriate. While the interior design of the space will define the perfect fabric for the treatment.

When I recommended a portiere treatment for a design project, it was also to meet a need for the client. A reading room off a Master Suite could be enjoyed even while an on-call professional slumbered.

It is important to keep the design element of the portiere treatment at the forefront. Both over-dressing or under-dressing a doorway or room divide can happen if one gets too wound up in the selection of the materials for the portiere treatment.

The portiere can be an elaborate Victorian-inspired treatment, while a simplistic version can be just as dramatic. Don't make it messy!

There is a romance and lure into the space the portiere frames. Could be one of the best welcomes into the spaces of our home.

Just as an archway beckons, so too can the portiere treatment. It just might be that last layer that finishes and frames the space. The best piece of "framed art" for the room.

I'm seeing doors coming off their hinges in your home! Take your time and do it right!

Image Sources: McAlpine Tankersley, John Saladino, Pinterest, Tumbler, Cote de Texas, Lucinda Giannetti, Kathryn Stoehr, House Beautiful, House and Home

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

At the Window No. 9 - The Italian Strung Drape

Just as in the fashion world where we have all learned you just don't mess with classic style, be it the hard way or by wise advice, so goes the design of window fashion. At some point it all comes back to it being the choice of fabric, hue, and accessory that keeps a classic on trend.

I find this to be the case with the classic styling of the Italian strung drape. Graceful and sophisticated. Best only when well-tailored. Never sloppy, and only suitable when paired with the right layers in a room.

The Italian strung window treatment is a refined look, yet gives the appearance of a relaxed sweep of the fabric. As with any classic, this treatment can be a fail when put in the wrong hands. But oh so right, when done to perfection! I sometimes wonder if there are rooms where this would be so fitting, but the standard stationary panel is presented instead. 

Like a classic, the Italian strung treatment can be so at home in a number of ways. It can be the "Chanel look" jacket with its matching skirt or designer jeans, both with pearls, and still looking amazing.

When the Italian strung drape is tailored correctly, it will look just as beautiful on the back as it does on the facing side.

Pulled high or pulled low, its gracefulness won't falter. Sheered on, board-mounted, or on a beautiful rodding, the Italian strung treatment at the window is still open for your style interpretation. Or in other words, a bit of free form or finely tailored?

Personal Ad: Window where fused sunlight is necessary, but closure is an undesired effect? Meet the Italian strung drape. Match made!

Silk is my fabric of choice for the Italian strung drape, but then again, it is a classic fabric!

Image Sources: Traditional Home, Nicky Haslam, R. H. Rowley, Pinterest, Cote de Texas, House Beautiful 

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