Monday, September 1, 2014

Well Dressed Home No. 55 - Mohair

I have a story to share about how a seat made of mohair continues to carry memories for me and a love of this luxury fiber that remains with me to this day. Growing up one of my Dad's prized possessions was a shiny black 1937 Chevy. When he took my siblings and I on a ride we knew we were to be at our best behavior. 

Besides having fun standing by this car and laughing at the "fun house like" reflections it created of my siblings, I remember rubbing my hands over the back seat and feeling the texture of the mohair upholstery. 

Stories are so important in our home and they can be added in so many ways. Even written using a fabric.  Mohair is made from the hair of the Angora goat. It is durable, naturally elastic, flame resistant, crease resistant, and does not felt. 

I haven't quite worked this fabric into my home as of yet. But I consider it a must. Mohair is so beautiful and takes dyes well. 

Mohair isn't defined by style, just like other design classics. So whether you love it applied on a tufted upholstery piece, like a chesterfield (yum), or on the modernist of seating; trust me you will catch yourself "petting" it like a sick fetish. And that's quite alright!

Angora, from which Mohair is derived, is the most resilient natural fiber and is considered Eco Friendly because of its sustainability. Love this organic element of such a beautiful fabric.

The challenge of introducing this into one's home is that it needs restraint. For without restraint, something special becomes just something else. 

And don't forget the possibility of using Mohair as your drapery panels. Oh sweet goodness!

There are a few things in the design world that I recommend using the "less is more" application. Mohair is one of them. Mohair is also one of those fabrics that is rarely considered in the design of a room. Not sure why?

Once you are introduced to this luxurious fabric you will be on a scavenger hunt to find the perfect spot for your home.

It is warm in the winter as it has great insulating properties, while remaining cool in summer due to its moisture wicking properties. So it has very few limitations even in the coastal areas. Enjoy!

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Friday, August 29, 2014

Gift Giving No. 8 - Tags, Tags, Tags the Gift Topper

Loving this creative wrapping paper!

Giving gifts of appreciate and celebration should happen all year long. The best gifts are the ones that are the most personal and thought out. It shouldn't be a guessing game or just grabbing something for the sake of feeling of responsibility to gift give. 

Adorable gift tag for the gardener.

Loving the simplicity of beautiful paper and an old key and ribbon.

Even if the gift is a bottle of wine for the hostess it is quite simple to make it special. Most importantly, remove that brown bag it came in! 

What a great idea from sweater sleeves! 

This one got me at the monogrammed spoon!

Don't want to feel rushed when it comes to gift wrapping? Treasures can be found all around. Be inspired to be on the lookout for these touches and set up a wrapping station so they are always at the ready.

Love the photograph tag. Can't get any more personal than that!

Great vintage package tags!

Some wire, pliers, and a word of celebration.

The more creative the tag, the simpler the wrapping paper. And the tag you put on the gift is almost as exciting as what's inside!

Fingerprint makes the cutest owl!

Button, buttons who has the buttons? This can be so fun for 
all ages. 

Grab the kids and grand kids - the tag ideas above are great activities for them! It is never to early to teach the importance of the true meaning of gift giving.

Your gardener friend will love this!

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

RSVP Collection No. 55 - Autumn Table Settings

Featuring Autumn table settings while the skies are still sunny and the weather still warm is in no way my wish to rush Summer along. I'm just a planner. Because if you are going to have a dining experience with the special friends and family in your live, you should plan every detail. Trust me I am all for impromptu time spent with the same people, some of my best times are from such happenings. But my fondest memories are that relaxed, unrushed, never ending meal shared around the dining table.

When I hear someone sharing that they hardly ever use their dining room I feel they are missing memory-gathering moments in their lives. Don't get me wrong, sharing a good meal doesn't mean it has to take place in the dining room. But it seems that is the only setting where some feel it necessary to set the table.

If you are more comfortable sharing the meal in another room of the home, outdoors or heck even in the barn, my opinion is that setting the table for the occasion is just as important.

And just as in any design, rules are meant to be broken. There are many interpretations of a centerpiece. Have fun with some of your favorite accessories and dishes. 

Be inspired! And remember Autumn is more than just orange, rust, and brown. Your table settings for Autumn can be full of color!

If you enjoy a more formal table setting here's a classic reference from Emily Post on setting the table.

Rethink a candle holder, rethink a centerpiece, rethink a tablecloth. But don't forget to cook your favorite specialities, your friends are waiting to savor them again!

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Color Palette No. 17 - Pink Grapefruit

As fresh and innocent-like citrus colors are, this color palette inspiration has me thinking a bit of bravery is necessary. Perhaps that's the sting of the spritz of juice from the grapefruit on our skin.

Who wouldn't want to create a space in their home inspired by the pink grapefruit color seen in this sunset at La Rochelle, France? 

Even words of wisdom seem more inspiring on a pink grapefruit color background. Don't you think?

I'm inspired by the companion colors that look so stunning with pink grapefruit. 

Want to use this color on your walls or perhaps your ceiling? Try Sherwin Williams SW1611 Pink Grapefruit. This paint color creates such a calming glow to any space. Go ahead be brave, use this fresh color palette in your dream room space! 

Need more Color Palette inspiration? Visit Willow Bee Inspired Color Palette Pinterest boards. 

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