Friday, June 28, 2013

Well Dressed Home No. 33 - Channeling Provence

The eyes of a good traveler don't just sip in the environments they experience on their trip. It is something that is studied as if it is the last time they will see it and must remember every detail.  Yes, photographs the good traveler will have but knows that the saying "the photo doesn't do it justice" is true more times then not better.

For it is the experience that hits all five senses that makes it something not to be forgotten.  So today let's channel Provence right down to the burlap sack those amazing products were displayed in at the market.

Burlap and nailhead on an ottoman - a match inspired by Provence.
Almost wonder if you brush against the fabric if the lavender scent captivates the room.

What a perfect fit - these burlap panels create.

Burlap and leopard and Greek key!

Unlined burlap sure knows how to catch a breeze.

Burlap as a room divider, fabulous!


Fine bed linens, faux fur, monograms, trims, and burlap = wonderful.

Loving relaxed feeling the tie-tab burlap panels give this room.

Smocked burlap and formal dining - yup!

Channeling Provence in a subtle way - changing your lamp shades to burlap.

Embroidery and burlap are a super combination.

More yummy pillows in burlap.

Channeled to perfection!

The finishing touch to this wonderful kitchen - burlap shades to enjoy the 
cooked faire by.

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

At The Window No. 8 - Delightful!

Drama, drama, drama.  At the window it doesn't need to shout.

How amazing are these very traditional treatments looking so fresh?
I credited it to using the gold accents around the mouldings.  Great combination!

For those who say they want nothing at the windows so the light can come in...
what's your excuse now?

Look closely at this one or you will miss it.  Those rods over the bar area windows?
Too die for!

We've all seen a window pushed to its limits by hanging higher or wider.
How about deeper?

Loving the transitional fresh feel of these window treatments.

Image Sources:  Jackye Lanham, Bonesteel Trout Hall, Matthew Sapera, Houzz

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Well Dressed Home No. 31 - Topic of Conversation

I recently did a training session to a team of designers on the lost art of conversation and the importance of small talk.  With the emphasis on impressing, go big or going home, and being the best; we've lost the art of conversation.  True conversation. Meaningful conversation.

The art of conversation is not only important in social settings, but also in our home.  Keep this in mind when working on the layout of your room and its furnishings.  Make the ability to converse easy an important factor - even more important then the architectural focal point in the room.

This room makes conversation priority number one and I love it!

All that is missing are the conversationalists!

Let me tell you a story of...

I always feel like I can talk to you.

Conversation can flow anywhere if given the opportunity.

Loving the laughter and conversations you can almost hear happening in the room.

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Rooms I Love No. 6 - A Collection of Eye Candy

Rooms I love, let me count the ways....

The artwork, the zebra ottomans, the white walls and mouldings, did I say the art?


The chandelier, the trunk pedestal, the architecture, the openness.

The grasscloth on the ceiling, the artwork, the sisal rug, the crispness.

The carpet, the carpet, the carpet!

The black and white of it all.

The black walls, the buffalo check throw, the horns.

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Be Inspired No. 48 - When One is Not Enough

This isn't like the dining chair where you know you need enough of the same thing to meet a function or the barstool where you purchase the quantity that fits at the counter, or even pairs of shoes so that you have something to go with that outfit.  No you have to own up to this one.  

When one is not enough is the moment you fall in love with that piece (you know there's a glow and angels are singing and it's calling your name and saying take me home and then the one beside it is saying pick me too?) Please tell me this happens to you too!

I love that the person who was buying this collection of art wasn't told you can only pick one!

When I am designing a room for a client there is nothing more satisfying then the look on their faces when I say, in almost a whisper, you don't have to can have them all and yes it falls into the budget! Rules, what rules?  If one tries to analyze a well designed room and look for reason - the creativity behind the accomplishment of a job well done is destroyed.  

Take well designed rooms for what they are meant to be - a room that tells a story and provides comfort for its dwellers, period.

Analyze if you want, but I argue this room wouldn't be the same with just one chandelier!

Wife: "I really like the wooden arm chair."
Husband: "I really like the wing back chair."
Designer: "Let's do them both!"

Loving the mismatch of the consoles at the windows.  Just because 
it has the asymmetric treatment doesn't mean they need to match.

When one is not enough also applies to the possibilities of function in a room too.  With the formal living room almost becoming extinct in our homes today why does it have to be furnished like an unused parlour?  Breath new life into these unused spaces of our home - take back this space by using the philosophy "when one is not enough".

Why can't a spacious entry be the dining room as well?

Or the living room be the home office too?

Image Sources:  Architectural Digest, Tom Scheerer, Pinterest

Friday, June 21, 2013

Translation Fashion to Home No. 15 - Dolce and Gabbana Sicilian Summer 2013

The Dolce and Gabbana Sicilian Summer 2013 collection recently debuted on the runway.  They best described it "take stripes, flowers, and Sicilian prints,shake well and create a summery cocktail..".  The play on marionette art lends homage to the Opera dei Pupi.

Loving the theatrical stage-like presence this decor gives.

Invigorating conversation is truly in order here.

The open air feeling this room has lends itself to those dreamy Sicilian summer breezes.

The Opera dei Pupi marionette theatrical performance of Frankish romantic poems and is a cultural
tradition of Sicily.

I love how this image almost seems like each piece was placed to the director's 
guidance by the stage crew.

It starts with a chair....

or a sofa and some pillows....

And another chair with a chandelier.

All the world's a stage...not excluding our home.  After all, our home is the most important stage of all, where our true character is developed and nurtured.

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