Thursday, February 20, 2014

Speaking of Walls No. 9 - Chalkboard Paint, Chapter 2

With me, it started with that French pastry chef holding a chalkboard. Yes, I have had one of those for years and yes I still write musings on the board.

I prefer chalkboard paint as a unique art form and a way to inspire good thoughts. But I also love it in retail and cafe settings.

Anthropologie gets me every time with their creative displays. 

The simplicity of the chalkboard itself is an invitation for sweet nothings in the morning.

Finely-sketched chalkboard art is like the beautiful puzzle you work to put together and then you wait days to tear it apart and put it back in the box. Enjoy it as long as you like. Change it only when you are ready.

Using the chalkboard wall as a photography backdrop can  be so adorable.

Yves St. Laurent busy at work.

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