Friday, June 26, 2015

Be Inspired No. 79 - Standing Room Only

 "An event is described as standing room only when it is so well-attended that all of the chairs in the venue are occupied, leaving only flat spaces of pavement or flooring for other attendees to stand." 

Standing room only is a strong indication that the event was fabulous, even for those occupying those flat spaces of pavement or flooring. Let's apply this indication to a fabulous room design, where every part of the floor plan is "occupied" with care, whose ticket stubs have been validated. I am inspired with every detail of a great design. And my eyes always fall to the clever applications of a well-edited space.

Tucking a beautiful floor mirror behind a console gives depth and reflection in a standing room only feel, an enhancement to the other attendees in the space.

What's occupying your standing room only space? Every room has it, is it occupied or is the event in need of improvement? The standing room only spaces of our home present an enhancement opportunity. A well-designed space is one song, where there is harmony.

Keep simplicity and beauty in the forefront of your design. But most importantly maintain your story and style. 

Standing room only isn't a bad place to be. Be inspired!

Sources: Colleen McGill, Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, Pinterest, Wikipedia

Monday, June 22, 2015

Well Dressed Home No. 59 - As Good As Gold

I enjoy a gold palette presented in a beautiful, clean, neutral space. What makes it even more lovely is the accompaniment of pattern and texture, and a designer with a hand of restraint.

The shimmer that gold brings to a space can act as a highlight, but also a low light, depending on the finish on the gold elements in the room. Either way, it is a color palette to consider in any style. And be open to mix gold and silver, you won't be disappointed.

As good as gold.

Image Sources: Jill Goldberg, South Shore Decorating, Pinterest

Friday, June 19, 2015

Well Dressed Home No. 58 - Parsons With A Twist

Throughout our lives our homes evolve, both from our growing families to our design aesthetics. On this journey we hold on to pieces of this evolution. An example of this are those furniture pieces that hold memories that can't be written in a journal.

Our homes should be designed mixing in some of this memory-rich furniture. There is a hidden secret in putting a piece in our space that wouldn't work in any others' setting the same way, and yet it does in our home. Knowing this is what adds the story to our home that cannot be duplicated.

Whether this is that first piece of timeless, well-made furniture we saved to purchase or a once-trendy-first apartment thrift find, it is the piece that has absorbed our memories and tells our story. It has traveled with us, without compromise, in our moves from one house to the next.

I find that Parsons-style furnishings fall into this story in our homes often. Even when I see this style used in a room without knowing the backstory it makes me smile. Sometimes it is just about knowing the story and memories exist and that this dweller shows it with pride.

After reading this, don't fret if you have left go of a piece that could have played this role in your home. A well-designed furniture piece is always revived and you have memories to come that a new piece can be saturated with. And there are others who have left a piece go that is waiting for you. Search it out, discover it with adventure, and bring it home. After all there are more memories this piece can still hold.

Dress your home well.

Image Sources: Architectural Digest, Darryl Carter, Elle Decor, Alexa Hampton, Huff Harrington, Flicker, Pinterest

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Be Inspired No. 78 - The Edison Bulb

Never have I been more inspired by a product of function than with the Edison light bulb. Thomas Edison received his patent for his incandescent light bulb in 1880. It truly is an art form. 

The selection of lighting can make or break a room design. Make it a point to consult with a professional designer, you will prevent costly mistakes. A refined urban or modern farmhouse home is so fitting for fixtures with Edison bulbs.

Is it strange that these looks remind of fresh, crisp, line-dried laundry on a sunny day? Less is truly more with lighting that adorns the Edison bulb.

Just as you wouldn't have the same art subjects hanging throughout your home, neither should you over do this look. After all "variety is the spice of life."

My preference for the Edison-like look is the LED version which burns 5 watts rather than 45 like the incandescent version and the LED has appealing illumination. I think Thomas Edison would approve.

Mr. Edison I must applaud you! Be inspired.

Image Sources: Murray Feiss, Visual Comfort, Quoizel, Arteriors, HomeEdit, Pinterest, Kichler, Crystorama, Dimond Lighting, Houzz, Ourgovermentdoc

Monday, June 15, 2015

Garden Design No. 22 - The Tulipiere

According to Wikipedia, while fairly uncommon in modernity, during the 17th century tulipieres were used to grow tulip bulbs indoors and were common pieces of decorative art that could often be found in the houses of European elites. After the advent of large-scale global trade in the 17th century, numerous flower bulbs from Asia such as the tulip, crocus, and hyacinth became luxury items in Europe and these bulbs remained an exotic novelty until the end of the 17th century. Large floor-standing pyramid-shaped tulipieres were particularly ornate and were used as a status symbol to indicate the owner's wealth.

Hard to decide between the adorable tiny scale tulipiere and the statement scale tulipiere. What I do think is, the tulipiere is not something that displays well as a collection of many sizes. They are an art form that is best appreciated in all its glory. Certainly beautiful when paired with porcelain that shares the same color story, but let's the tulipiere shine.

I love the idea of the joy of seeing the bulbs burst forth and bloom. Could challenge one's patience. Is it sacrilege to use a tulipiere for fresh blooms? 

Kind of makes you want to expand your tulip garden, right? 

Image Sources: French Tangerine, House Beautiful, The Enchanted Home, Neiman Marcus, Pinterest, Katheryn Greenley, David Collin

Friday, June 12, 2015

Rooms I Love No. 20 - Something Enticing About Simplicity

I love these rooms because of their enticing simplicity. I love these rooms because they have been edited perfectly. It is clear that the beauty of their lure is the less is more philosophy.

Interestingly, one common element between these room images is that each of them have a bit of black. From the hardware or paint choice on doors, to the beautiful checkerboard floor, to the ceiling beams and fantastic chandelier, to the finish on chair legs. 

A well-designed space is one with not a thing to add or take away. There truly is something enticing about simplicity.

Image Sources: Cote de Texas, Tumbler

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Rethinking the Look of Things No. 55 - The Tale of Two Cocktails

This is a tale of two cocktails. A large open space can be the best of times, can be the worst of times when it comes to creating a floor plan.  The known of this space is that there are definitely multiple uses for the room, and that the uses meld often. Great conversation will come from the entire space. It is a gathering place and should not feel divided.

Once the vision of the room has been discussed and understood with your designer, and the seating placement has been finalized, it is important to address the occasional table aspect of the floor plan. The importance of comfort is still an important factor during this design phase. A guest can be comfortable in the seating, but comfort extends to the simplicity of where a wine glass or a small appetizer plate can be sat. A guest's full hands doesn't encourage lively, relaxed conversation.

There will be obvious placement of occasional tables. And then there will be a "why not" approach that will be the inspiration for a well-designed gathering space.

Creativity and restraint will be your goal. Though the occasional pieces are part of a utility need, they also should provide sculpture, texture, and cleverness in the space. However, don't shy away from using two of the same table in the space.  It could be the perfect answer. Just don't fall to that solution because it is the easier one.

Guests shouldn't look across the space and be jealous of the other guests surroundings. There needs to be a balance and continuity. 

Rethinking the look of things in a large space shouldn't be a worry when the time comes to design it. Because it can be the best of times.

Image Sources: Elle Decor, Architectural Digest, Atlanta Homes & Lifestyle, Houzz, Pinterest

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