Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Be Inspired No. 54 - Turn Your Attention to the Back

A chair is not just a chair for sitting.  Oh trust me the comfort and lines of a chair are of the utmost importance.  But stick with it, because the selection of the fabrics and designing the chair are almost as important.  Look at this chair you've selected with all the possibilities that it holds.

Because not every chair can hold a fabric handsomely.  And not every chair placement allows for selecting fabric for the chair that will be seen from all angles in a room.  So if the back of the chair will be seen by all means turn your attention to the back.

Contrast fabric - let the fun begin!  Now is your chance to use a bold fabric in your room in a way that is in your comfort level.  If you love an exciting fabric but aren't sure you want it as a focal point in the room or that the whole piece of furniture covered in it might be a bit much, use is on the back of a chair!

If the back of that chair is exposed it is your duty to play it up!  There are far too many wonderful options for this blank canvas to opt covering it in the same fabric as the rest of the chair.

Trust me, you will have a chair crush on your hands.  This chair will be swooned upon, even petted by its occupant.

The contrast outside back of a chair can be the "other art" in the room.  Notice in the image above how this very thing happens.   Subtle...beautiful.

There are those fabrics who are just meant to be together in very close proximity, on the same piece, side by side in all their loveliness.

Animal prints are the perfect contrast for outside chair backs - for me they are the perfect contrast for inside backs too!  

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