Monday, January 28, 2013

Gotta Love No. 28 - Oh Dominos!

I love the game of Dominoes. The lure of strategy is enticing, but I have to admit the feel and look of the domino pieces themselves is pretty cool. Especially if they are made of bone.  Bone inlaid furniture has the same allure for me. The amazing art created through such a tedious process is remarkable. But what I love most is what a statement a piece can make when done right.

Here are a few images of "done right"! Oh dominoes!

Love the mix!

Oh how the French love to mingle!

I could write a thousand words.

No fear here.

Toile and this mirror...stunning!

Try to change out the chest and the room wouldn't be the same.


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Friday, January 25, 2013

Translation Fashion to Home No. 12 - Brights

The Michael Kors Spring 2013 line presented a palette of brights.  Here's my translation from fashion to home. This trend definitely introduces fun in a bold way.  The colors are super saturated and that is a refreshing introduction.

I love how the brights are used in an accentual way, but still shows the bravery of the dweller.

The depth created by painting the backs of these bookcases is dramatic and crisp.

I must say this color palette for Spring 2013 reminds me of a stack of Fiestaware. 

Image Sources: Elle Decor, Pinterest, Fiestaware, House Beautiful, Decor Pad, House and Home, Michael Kors

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Well Dressed Home No. 25 - Highland Fling

According to the Scottish American Society a plaid, or more properly pronounced “plaide” is a blanket.  In times past the Highlander wrapped himself up in his plaide at night.  It was his sleeping bag and it was also his garment during the day.  Since it was frequently woven in the form of a tartan, the two terms ultimately became confused.  It is common usage now to call a tartan a plaid.

Whether used as floor covering, window treatment, wall treatment or on furniture - this pattern creates a familiar and warm atmosphere. This effect is even felt with plaid wardrobe pieces.  The "comfort food" for home decor.

I love to see that it is understood that when using plaid it doesn't mean the room has to be dark and heavy. Although, it feels more like a "plaide" when the room gives off a cavernous feel.

It doesn't take much to show your highland fling - this great accent wall in a back entry is just enough.

Cheers to Highland Fling!

Image/Info Sources:  Scottish American Society, Adventures of Tartanscot, Pinterest, Ralph Lauren, Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, Home Fries

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Be Inspired No. 43 - Open Sesame

"Open Sesame" is a magical phrase in the story of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves. It opens the mouth of a cave in which forty thieves have hidden treasure.  I remember using this phrase as a child wanting to gain access to a play fort while playing in the woods.

These doorways give the "open sesame" phrase a whole new meaning. It inspires the imagination to run wild dreaming of what lies behind.

 How amazing would these door panels be repurposed?

The Parisans win the prize for not being afraid of color.

Image Sources: Pinterest, I Prefer Paris, Art Factory, 123rf, A Thoughtful Eye, Wikipedia

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