Monday, August 12, 2013

Rethinking the Look of Things No. 29 - Bed Placement, Whatever Floats Your Boat

Okay, my fellow rebels!  It's time to break the rules.  Ever heard that saying, "whatever floats your boat?" I am loving the transformation created by placing a bed in the center of a room. Makes one rethink the look of things. The openness that is created by having space around all four walls of the room is crazy good!

Floating the bed really does give a dramatic change in perspective and a feeling of freedom.

Good golly, miss molly!

Even the bed with a canopy treatment still keeps its cocoon-like atmosphere 
floating in the room.

This view wouldn't be the same if the bed was pushed up against the opposing wall.
It just wouldn't!

Loving the gallery of art displayed "behind" the bed.

Cocoon secure!

This bed is even made for floating!
And you don't need the constraints of a city apartment to enjoy it.

That's right, if you are going to have a fireplace like that in the bedroom -
by all means put the bed where you can take full advantage!

Awesome placement - the walkway created by floating the bed
and the charming reading nook, delightful!

"Nobody puts Baby in the corner."  Agreed, Patrick Swayze!

Floating and at an angle - way to rock it!

Are you seeing those sun's rays coming in at just the right angles!
This, by far, is perfection.

 I love breaking the rules!  Ladies and gentleman, let's start pushing those beds to the center of the room.

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