Friday, June 28, 2013

Well Dressed Home No. 33 - Channeling Provence

The eyes of a good traveler don't just sip in the environments they experience on their trip. It is something that is studied as if it is the last time they will see it and must remember every detail.  Yes, photographs the good traveler will have but knows that the saying "the photo doesn't do it justice" is true more times then not better.

For it is the experience that hits all five senses that makes it something not to be forgotten.  So today let's channel Provence right down to the burlap sack those amazing products were displayed in at the market.

Burlap and nailhead on an ottoman - a match inspired by Provence.
Almost wonder if you brush against the fabric if the lavender scent captivates the room.

What a perfect fit - these burlap panels create.

Burlap and leopard and Greek key!

Unlined burlap sure knows how to catch a breeze.

Burlap as a room divider, fabulous!


Fine bed linens, faux fur, monograms, trims, and burlap = wonderful.

Loving relaxed feeling the tie-tab burlap panels give this room.

Smocked burlap and formal dining - yup!

Channeling Provence in a subtle way - changing your lamp shades to burlap.

Embroidery and burlap are a super combination.

More yummy pillows in burlap.

Channeled to perfection!

The finishing touch to this wonderful kitchen - burlap shades to enjoy the 
cooked faire by.

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