Friday, September 6, 2013

Paper Obsessed No. 11 - Wax Seals

One of the reasons I am paper obsessed, besides a stationary fetish, are wax seals.  The seal itself is a piece of art and the sealing process is a lost art in communication.

This amazing work of art is a French Was Seal from the Napoleon III era, circa early 1800's.  It is called a wax seal "etui", French for "case".  The stamp itself is beautiful, but the wonderful surprise when one opens the end of the seal, are 14 double sided stamps that are interchangeable with the head of the seal!

I'm even loving the simplicity of this ring of wax.

Okay, here is where my obsession grabs hold.  Don't you think
this French window resembles a wax seal?

Nuggets of art!

Wax seals, Vellum and twine are a combination of beauty.

A wax seal ring, a bee of course!

If this doesn't make you want to write some wonderful notes to friends, try chocolate!

You are an explorer with stories to tell!

Image Sources:  Etsy, Latte Lisa, Artfire, Pinterest, Plum and Posey, SD Wedding Style

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