Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Well Dressed Home No. 28 - Show Stealer?

It can almost steal the show. Almost. But then you realize that it takes turns being the leading role.  That's what lighting does.  Whether a chandelier, a lamp, a sconce, a reflection, or natural sunlight and moonlight.

At times the chandelier, reflection of light, and sunlight all play harmoniously without pretension.

Whether singularly or in multiples, the cleverly hand-picked chandelier always shares the limelight and bows hand in hand with the rest of the cast.

Lighting learns its lines and knows its role is to shine.  Its costume no less dramatic then its co-actors.


 Lighting, whether subtlety beautiful or flamboyantly so - never steals the show.

 Image Sources:  Elle Decor, Thomas Pheasant, House Beautiful, Bonesteel/Trout/Hall, Traditional Home, 

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