Friday, June 14, 2013

Well Dressed Home No. 29 - Modern Williamsburg

CW65 Gunmetal Gray Trim
CW680 Mopboard Black Door

Modern Williamsburg - it's not an oxymoron - it's a revelation.  We think our colonial ancestors to be stodgy but this era's architecture, color palette, and furnishings offer many clean lines.  The clean lines that, in my opinion, can only fully appreciated when offered in a edited modern setting.

 Benjamin Moore's recent introduction of updated Williamsburg colors is delictable.

CW5 Hardwood Putty Walls

CW105 Bracken Cream Shelves
CW590 Williamsburg Wythe Blue

CW715 Bone Black Walls
CW695 Lampblack Trim

CW585 Ewing Blue Upper Walls
CW30 Market Square Sheil Lower Walls
CW595 Chesapeake Blue Ceiling
CW5 Hardwood Putty Trim

CW50 Tyler Gray Walls
CW650 Palace Pearl Ceiling

CW25 Williamsburg Stone Walls
CW680 Mopboard Black Door
CW5 Hardwood Putty Trim

CW630 Washington Blue Walls
CW315 Cornwallis Red Highboy

Enjoy the short video below on the creation of this collection that is a winner!

Image Sources:  Benjamin Moore, You Tube

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