Thursday, June 13, 2013

Garden Design No. 15 - Garden Trends 2013

These are by far my ultimate favorite garden trends ever!  These are so cool that if you haven't gardened before you will be!  And if you don't have your own patch to garden, you need to find one and quick! Beg and borrow your own patch and race to the garden center.

Buckle up and grab hold tight for this garden trend ride!

GARDEN TREND NO. 1 - Cocktail Garden (your knuckles are white already, aren't they?)

Turn your garden into an outdoor cocktail party.  So the Drunken Botanist Plant Collection was introduced for the 2013 gardening season by Territorial Seed Co. and is sold out!  But don't despair - get to your local garden center with book in hand and snap up the necessary plants with the help of the plant guru there!

Loving the collection names:   Old Havana Rum Garden, Farmers Market Vodka Garden, Heart of Agave Tequila Garden, Old Tom Gin Garden, Mixologist Simple Syrups, Southern Belle Whiskey Garden!

And here's a little teaser for you from the Drunken Botanist author, Amy Stewart credited to Tommy Klus from Portland, Oregon.

Pineapple Express
10 leaves pineapple sage
5 oz. agave nectar
1.5 oz. tequila reposado
.75 oz. Combier Kummel*
1 oz. fresh lemon juice

In a shaker, lightly muddle pineapple sage leaves in agave nectar, then add remaining ingredients and ice.  Shake and strain into a coupe or Martini glass. Garnish with a small pineapple sage sprig. (smack sprig in hand to release the plant's aromatic oils).

*Combier Kummel is a modern version of a traditional caraway, cumin and fennel-flavored herbal liquer. If you don't have it or can't get it - tequila and pineapple are amazing together. Get some pineapple juice and a good orange liquer (like Original Combier) and start experimenting with variations on this delightful theme.

GARDEN TREND NO. 2 - Insect Shelters

Totally loving this bee hotel!  Protecting wildlife, particularly pollinating insects, is obviously crucial to every garden.  This bee hotel aims to show urban gardeners how they can attract bees without compromising on the look of the garden.  

GARDEN TREND NO. 3 - White Gardening

Stunning!  The textures that one can appreciate with a White Garden is like looking at plants you've seen time and time again like you're seeing them for the first time!  White Gardening was introduced as early as the 1930's by Vita Sackville-West is credited with creating the look with her white garden at Sissinghurst Castle in the UK.

GARDEN TREND NO. 4 - Cha Cha Chive

This is the neatest chive sensation yet!  Cha Cha Chive, from the Cook's Garden, sprouts mini chive heads instead of flowers!  Yes, I kid you not!

GARDEN TREND NO. 5 - Pint Size Vegies

Sweet corn you can grow in a pot.  Yup a 24" container - sweet corn at your fingertips. Burpee Seed is leading this trend.  Nothing new in the tomato and pepper category of gardening but sweet corn? Pluck it and grill it without ever leaving your deck, pretty cool!

GARDEN TREND NO. 6 - Vertical Gardening (truly artist turned gardener)

Vertical gardening is not a new trend but an ever-increasing trend with more and more intriging ways to garden no matter where you live.  I am loving the recycled two-liter bottle vertical garden - is it art or garden?  Both, without a doubt!

(Oh, and this one? It started as a shoe storage bag!)


Umbelliferous refers to plants that carry flowers blooming on the end of short, spoke-like stems radiating from a central stem.  Floral architecture at its best. I love Umbrels mixed with very tall topiaries, breathtaking!

GARDEN TREND NO. 8  - Vegetables are Playing with in the Formal Garden 

Mischievious defines this garden trend! The vegetables are playing in the formal garden and I don't care who knows it!   The raised vegetable garden is now not designated to its own section of our gardens.  We are into mingling now.  They have been invited to the formal dance and they fit right in.

GARDEN TREND NO. 8  - Mirrors in the Garden (yessirebob)

This trend needs no narrative.....(okay just a few words).

Yes - a mirror!

A mirror!

Reflecting an encore!

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