Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Well Dressed Home No. 31 - Topic of Conversation

I recently did a training session to a team of designers on the lost art of conversation and the importance of small talk.  With the emphasis on impressing, go big or going home, and being the best; we've lost the art of conversation.  True conversation. Meaningful conversation.

The art of conversation is not only important in social settings, but also in our home.  Keep this in mind when working on the layout of your room and its furnishings.  Make the ability to converse easy an important factor - even more important then the architectural focal point in the room.

This room makes conversation priority number one and I love it!

All that is missing are the conversationalists!

Let me tell you a story of...

I always feel like I can talk to you.

Conversation can flow anywhere if given the opportunity.

Loving the laughter and conversations you can almost hear happening in the room.

Image Sources:  Boxwood Interiors, Bunny Williams, House Beautiful, House to Home, Tim Barber Ltd.

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