Thursday, June 13, 2013

Color Palette No. 13 - The Newstand

In the wee hours of the morning our cities start the day with routine being the dictator.  Preparations are put into action to inform us, hydrate us (with caffeine), nourish us, and transport us even before we rise and begin to shine.  The days news in printed stacks await their delivery, even in this era of tablets and smart phones the printed news lives on.

So in homage to an endangered routine I offer the color palette inspired by the newspaper. A pretty intriguing read indeed.

A room edited to perfection!

Loving the room divider!

And as news would have it - loving the contradiction of colonial gentleman painting 
accompanying the animal print sofa.

Just leave me here to read and be inspired!

Reads like front page news.

Loving what Charlotte Moss did to hold daily reading materials!

Society page at its best.

Yes, as the old children's riddle goes, "what's black and white and read all over?" The newspaper... full of inspiration as a color palette in our homes.

Image Sources:  Elle Decor, Charlotte Moss, Architectural Digest, Traditional Home, Veranda, The Gifts of Life

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