Friday, June 7, 2013

Be Inspired No. 47 - Your Afternoon, Written.

Well, here it is my 300th post!  I find it only fitting to have this one fall into the category of "Be Inspired" because it defines what this blog is all about.  It's about inspiration.  Finding inspiration all around us.

I take a look at these images and they simply define an afternoon, written.  The rest of the story behind the images and the memories created in an afternoon spent in any one of these locations is to be inspired.  Enjoy.

If an afternoon, written isn't penned here - it is an opportunity missed.
Loving the impromptu feeling of this inspiration. Makes you want to be certain you
have a blanket, pillows, and a picnic basket in the car at all times!

Breathtaking afternoon, written.  I'm thinking the necessities include wine, bread, and cheeses.

Adventurous afternoon, written.  No plans - no particular destination.  But 
wherever this afternoon takes you - you won't be disappointed.

Warm breezy afternoon, written.  This afternoon will beg for more time and you will
decide you deserve seeing what this place shares with you as the sun goes down.

A simplier afternoon, written.  There is no hustle and bustle here.  It was never invited.

You have learned to dream again this afternoon, written.  And the dream is so 
clear and defined and a part of your very soul.  No one will tug this one away.

You have discovered an afternoon, written.  And the pages are filled with a new
resolve to never lose this sense of wonderment.

Images Sources:  The Gifts of Life, Tumbler

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