Thursday, June 20, 2013

Well Dressed Home No. 30 - Ralph Lauren Left Bank

"Refined mix of relaxed comfort and industrial conceptualism."   That is how Ralph Lauren Home described its latest lifestyle collection called, Left Bank.  I describe it as "can I move there and experience this lifestyle for myself?"  Tomorrow?

The influx of inspiration from industrial treasures repurposed plays on my love of the hunt.  The hunt for really cool objects that where tools of the trade, but that I find make great objects d' art.  The function of telling a story while letting you recreate a story of your own.  

The St. Germain Dining Table was inspired by an antique at the St. Germain Ralph Lauren Store.  How quiet  this antique sat there holding its stories from long ago.  Now inspiring a reintroduction in the Left Bank collection for new stories to be created around.

As with all Ralph Lauren introductions, an entire lifestyle is created with Left Bank.  A lifestyle one probably was living or dreaming of living all along and didn't even know it until it was collected, designed, and introduced.  How amazing the definition of a lifestyle be defined by simply plucking pieces from here and there that we use, pass by, and know so well; but in the hurry of our lives, don't realize they tell the story of how we live.

The St. Germain Sawbuck desk reminds me of my Dad's sawhorses.  He'd use them and use them until they were nicked, chipped, gouged, and paint-splattered from holding many projects in the making.  Then he'd make fresh new ones to begin their journey.  

Loving the pairing of the Sawbuck Desk with the Camargue side chair.

The industrial lighting and metal dining chairs, swoon.

Langdon walnut and steel chess set.  There's a story here that I haven't unearthed yet.

And in true form, he never forgets the linens!

Image Sources:  Ralph Lauren, Kravet

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