Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Rethinking the Look of Things No. 7 - Chandeliers, they're not just for Dining Rooms!

I think chandeliers are like shoes! You can never have enough of them and you shouldn't have to. Just as we always find a place to wear that new pair of must-have shoes, a chandelier's perfect placement is easy to find. You just have to keep an open mind. There is absolutely no design rule that says chandeliers are only for the dining room!

And because there are amazingly beautiful chandeliers available at very reasonable pricing there really are no limits.

Chandeliers in the bath!

Chandeliers in the Laundry and even at the Kitchen Sink!

Chandeliers in the Bedroom! I worked with a client who was building a new home to downsize a bit for their later years in life. In the original home the dining room was large and called for two beautiful crystal chandeliers. In the new home we needed to find a place for the second chandelier as the dining room was scaled back. Without hestitation I said, "Let's put it in the Master Bedroom!"

Chandeliers in the Living Room!

Chandeliers in the Library, Wine Cellar and Reading Nook!

Chandeliers in the Guest Bedroom and Dressing Room!

Chandeliers on the Veranda!

And Chandeliers, if you dare in the Horse Barn and Chicken Coop!

Where do you have your favorite chandelier hanging? 

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