Thursday, August 9, 2012

Well Dressed Home No. 20 - Shadow Effect

Sometimes an important effect is overlooked when selecting a light fixture, whether a chandelier or even a floor lamp. And this overlooked effect can be a pleasant surprise the first time the light is turned on. 

 I have two such light fixtures, one is a torchiere from Fine Art Lamps and the other is the burning bush lamp from George Kovacs. Both are not available any longer and I don't have photos.  

The torchiere is a iron caged design that throws an artful shadow onto the ceiling that is so cool. And what makes the burning bush lamp effective is the flickering orange bulb that creates a burning flame effect.

I love the delicate branches and crystals that create a beautiful silhouette on the ceiling.

What a stunning Star of David effect.

An amazing shadow effect from a tiny source.

Love this stairway lighting effect.

The hues in this shadow are beautifully eerie.

Image Sources: Velvet and Linen, Studio 81611, LA Times, Home Portfolio, Design in The Woods, Flicker, Chateau Chic

1 comment:

  1. Incredible photos...I always look above too, but have really taken for granted how cool this really is. Love the street lights through the windows at night too!


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