Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Be Inspired No. 10 - Driftwood

I am continually in awe of nature and its abundant contribution to our surroundings outside, as well as inside our homes. How inspiring is driftwood? Carving out its beauty through harsh travel - getting tossed and turned at the whim of the ocean. Emerging as one of the most intriquing art forms.

Wrap this up for me and call it Christmas!

So I've determined it is going to take me about a year to find all the "just right" pieces of driftwood I need to add to my interior. Being a beach bum isn't such a hard price to pay to accomplish this. Anyone want to become a beach bum with me?

Image Sources: Palecek, Scott Laslie, Cottage & Bungalow, Kay Douglass, Kaboodle, Roost, Carl Woodland, Alita Lounge-Viceroy

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