Monday, May 20, 2013

Be Inspired No. 44 - Hermes Scarf

I have a dream list!  And I have things crossed off that dream list.  Not because I think they are unattainable, rather because I have attained them.  But for every item I cross off, there is more items added.  Never, ever stop defining and visualizing your dreams.  Never, ever!

Share with me the visualization of one of my dreams - to own not one, but many Hermes scarves.  Not being greedy, but I need many.  Some for wearing, some for artwork.

Yup, an equestrian themed one is on my list!

This room just doesn't stop - but my eyes continue to go 
to the framed 1960s Hermes scarf!

One word:  juxtaposition, Hermes style.

Watching this video on the making of a Hermes scarf broadens my dream list - go to France to buy those Hermes scarves.  After all, is it a dream accomplished if you just go to the nearest seller, I say no, it's a dream if you attain that dream at the source.  Bonjour! C'Est Si Bon!

Image Sources:  From The Right Bank, Maters of Style, The English Room, Interior Infatuations

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