Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Gotta Love No. 4 - Tortoise Shell

Recently, while driving in our neighborhood, our daughter rescued a few box turtles making their way across the street, moving them off the roadway. She brought one home to show me and decided it was hungry. So she put it in a box and gave it strawberries and lettuce and then released it into the wooded area bordering our property.

The release was down in haste as our Yellow Lab, Rudy, decided he wanted to play with it but couldn't get it out of the box - my daughter found the turtle upside down in the box, hissing at our dog.

Later in the day my son came home to find Rudy carrying the turtle (safely inside its shell) in his mouth. He pounced proudly over to my son to show him his new "friend". No harm done, the turtle was guided back into the woods again to safety.

It reminded me of how strikingly beautiful a turtle's shell is and how much I love tortoise shell in all aspects of design.

Seriously, how cool is this Miami Beach restaurant?

Sunny day-check. Convertible roof down-check. Vintage tortoise shell sunglasses-check.

This ceiling wallpaper was cut into squares, installed, then given a high gloss coating. Scrumptious!

Get your drink and fun on with these 1950s swizzle sticks!
(I have a few sets of these, what a blast!)

'Nuff said.

Tortoise shell-patterned wallpaper? Shut the front door!

This tortoise shell tile is to die for!

I am gasping, I have no words!

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