Monday, August 18, 2014

Rooms I Love No. 18 - Don't Worry I'll Share the Love

I am happy to share the love of these rooms. They actually all come from the same home and my love is due to the expression of freshness in this revived Georgian-style home. This expression is done with a nod to the architectural elements of the home. 

Colors known as sea pearl and white dove and a shade of black create serene backdrops for the rooms furnishings. These colors also flirt with the traditional architectural details of the home. 

I love these rooms because rules are broken without apprehension.

A gorgeous high end desk sits with mid range leather chairs with no apologies. Light pours into the library because the definition of a library doesn't include a must for the dark and dreary.

The master bedroom flourishes with comfort and rejuvenation. It's a beautiful, no fuss haven in a formal home.

I love these rooms and I'm sharing the love because I believe it is time for a reviving of classic architecture in a fresh way, a livable way.

Image Sources: Traditional Home

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