Thursday, October 24, 2013

Gotta Love No. 40 - Breaking the Rules

Well instead of looking at it as breaking a design rule, let's create a new one. Here it is:

When you've found a great piece - new rule is to think "oh the places it could go"!

It's that simple! Because I've heard it said too many times, "I love that piece, I just don't have a place for it". 

Think a cute-as-a-button chair or a handsome end table in the bathroom.

Think a overly long, fabulous console table in the bedroom!

Oh the places a dining table could go! Other than in the dining room! What a great console for a gallery hallway.

And that faux fur footstool?  Oh the places it could go!

Image Sources: Architectural Digest, Wild Chairy, South Shore Decorating, Enchanted Home

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