Thursday, October 10, 2013

Well Dressed Home No. 44 - Dissecting Art

In the eye of the beholder a magnificent piece of art like The David by Michelangelo can become so familiar that the amazement of the piece becomes lost.  That is why I like dissecting art.

Dissecting art is nothing new. As a matter of fact, visit your local thrift store and you can probably find some examples of pieces tossed aside for the next person's appreciation.

But take a piece of a sculpture like The David and study it and I think you will find a new appreciation for the artist's detail that you probably missed before.

What a great accessory for our homes.  

Even the simplest of detailed art can be found in replicas of columns chiseled from stone years ago.

(really, really want!)

Art is in the eye of the beholder. Dissecting art can become a whole new love for a favorite piece we got used to just glancing at like a old familiar hat.

And here's my design tip when looking for dissected art: with all the awesome paint finishes available, look past the surface and truly take in the art itself. It can become updated with your artistic flick of the brush.  Just remember to keep its integrity. I've seen a lime green statue of The David and it isn't pretty.

Image Sources: First Dibs, Lavender Hill Colours, Elle Decor, Pinterest, Real Simple, South Shore Decorating, Houzz

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