Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Rethinking the Look of Things No. 51 - So You Have Grandma's Stuff, Now What?

There is something to be said about cherishing family heirlooms. But I say cherish does not mean wrapped and carefully put in a box in a closet, basement, or attic. What is cherished about that? One definition of cherish is to "hold dear". So let's rethink Grandma's stuff!

Most likely the reason these treasures are tucked away is because we think they don't work with our design style. I challenge that. With the right designer's help you can enhance the treasure or rethink placement of the treasure. Why not put Grandma's clock in the upstairs loft at the beach house?

Why not use Grandpa's vintage mail sorter bench as a desk or potting bench? Whatever tickles your fancy. 

Rethink Grandma's favorite foot stool or chair. Grandma would smile because you are cherishing a treasure of her's and it looks like you.

So you inherited the bedroom suite you used to sleep in at Grandma's. Now what? Who says you still can't paint the walls black, layer a sisal and a faux zebra rug, slipcover a desk chair and hand a crystal chandelier?

Quit hiding that carved console from Grandma. You know the one whose carvings you have memorized because you used to trace them with your finger when you'd visit.  Give it a prominent place and go ahead and put that chrome pharmacy table lamp on it, and yes that great modern piece of art will be just fine above it.

Grandpa's antler collection? Bleach or paint them white. 

Another treasure that can be tucked anywhere all decked out in faux fur!

And who doesn't remember seeing a different tea up in Grandma's hand every time you visited.(See the wall clock?) Rethinking the Look of Grandma's stuff. 

Image Sources: Mix and Match Chic, Wild Chairy, Home Bunch 

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