Friday, June 27, 2014

Rethinking the Look of Things No. 50 - Artwork in the Kitchen

This blog post is the epitome of Rethinking the Look of Things! Funny how we can subconsciously do things just because it is what we know, what we are familiar with, and what everyone else does. Let's rethink that. Are we just hanging cabinets on the wall of the kitchen because, oh I don't know, that's just what you do in a kitchen? Are we adding tile to the blank spaces on our kitchen walls because that's what your kitchen designer said everyone does? Are we hanging that hideous "Kiss the Cook" plaque in the kitchen because what else do you hang in a kitchen that will make you smile? 

Our kitchens are the heart of our homes. It is full of chatter, aromas, creative cooking and baking, experiments, entertaining good friends, the best place to share a piece of pie late at night with two forks! This room is full of inspiration why skip this area when contemplating where your treasured artwork should go?

An unnecessary cabinet it just that, period. Who wants to play "hide and seek my beautiful things"? If the cabinet is a must, put glass on the front. If it is not, rethink that wall space in the kitchen.

I love artwork and when I am placing it in the home, I'm not thinking of its "appropriate" location because of its subject. For it is the artwork we place in the most unexpected places that we appreciate the most. I have even hung art in a client's garage. Mind you this client keeps their garage pristinely clean!

And I don't want to forget to mention that artwork in the kitchen doesn't always mean hung on the wall in an inspiring and unexpected place. Propped artwork affords a different appreciation because of the angle at which it sits on a countertop or on a ledge or open shelf in the kitchen.

This rethinking of artwork in the kitchen may be one of the toughest challenges I have ever put out there on this blog. After all, if one puts an oil painting in the kitchen is that like wearing flip flops to church? Why yes it is and neither has anything to do with irreverence.

Choosing and hanging (or propping) artwork in the kitchen does still have the same considerations as other art placement, excluding the subject matter. Remember scale, size, height at which it is hung,and practicality. Don't go overboard and hang art right above your stove! A good cook is most times not a neat cook, the mess happens as the menu is being created and mastered. If the art is just filling the void without thought then you picked the wrong piece.

Give thought to your artwork selection for the kitchen, consider the best way to install, do it without hesitation; you survived having a band aid ripped off, you can do this. Now enjoy!

Okay, my troops you have your challenge! Go put some artwork in your kitchen and do me proud!

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