Monday, August 25, 2014

Color Palette No. 17 - Pink Grapefruit

As fresh and innocent-like citrus colors are, this color palette inspiration has me thinking a bit of bravery is necessary. Perhaps that's the sting of the spritz of juice from the grapefruit on our skin.

Who wouldn't want to create a space in their home inspired by the pink grapefruit color seen in this sunset at La Rochelle, France? 

Even words of wisdom seem more inspiring on a pink grapefruit color background. Don't you think?

I'm inspired by the companion colors that look so stunning with pink grapefruit. 

Want to use this color on your walls or perhaps your ceiling? Try Sherwin Williams SW1611 Pink Grapefruit. This paint color creates such a calming glow to any space. Go ahead be brave, use this fresh color palette in your dream room space! 

Need more Color Palette inspiration? Visit Willow Bee Inspired Color Palette Pinterest boards. 

Image Sources: Elle Decor, House Beautiful, Pinterest, Traditional Home

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