Sunday, August 24, 2014

RSVP Collection No. 54 - Vineyard Dining, Or close to it!

I found myself in one of my favorite inspirational locations while running errands for dinner prep at weeks' end. I get lost in my local wine shoppe a bit, partly due to my obsession of wine labels and partly because of my "someday" desire to dine in a Napa Valley vineyard with good friends. 

When I plan in my mind this alfresco vineyard dining it always seems to be perfect for an early autumn evening (actually several evenings), when the summer heat is starting to give way to the much loved brisker fall.

So if I bumped into you by accident in my daydreaming state, apologies.

A mentor of mine always challenges me, when discussing my bucket list items, by asking me: what does it look like, what does it smell like, how do you feel while accomplishing this bucket list item, etc. Because anyone can make a list of "some days", those who actually cross the items off are those who plan them to every detail. And I add to that "practice makes perfect" is also a good motto to use during the planning stages towards accomplishment too! 

So this blog is sharing the "what does it look like?" and a bit of the "what does it taste like?" parts of the planning of a bucket list item. Enjoy!

Sort of liking a vineyard dining menu that goes something like this from William and Sonoma:
Fresh Fettuccine with Almond Pesto and Roasted Tomatoes
Braised Chicken with Olives and Capers
Green Beans with Toasted Hazelnuts and Lemon Zest
Herb-Roasted Potatoes
Fig Crostata

Oh, and here is a favorite label from that recent visit to the wine shoppe.

And check out this label art by Nick Sadek. Loving the 'stache!

Want to help me practice and "train" for this bucket list item? Oh and haven't found a red that I like yet, recommendations? Taste testing is an important part of the prep for the ultimate Napa Valley vineyard dining experience afterall. 

Image Sources: Tumbler, William Sonoma, Pinterest, Gallery Nucleus, Food.UK

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