Sunday, May 19, 2013

Well Dressed Home No. 26 - Tomfoolery on the Walls


More of our days should be injected with a bit of tomfoolery.  Eccentric, playfulness, fantastical, theatrical.  Seriously!  This new wallcovering collection from Cole & Sons - Fornassetti II gives a bit of that for our walls and I love it!

Hooray for silliness in our Mudroom - greeting us after a long day!

Left to our own definition - not meant to limit the application of these wallpapers.

What writer wouldn't be inspired to bring forth their best work - even if 
it is a handwritten note to a dear friend?

The drama of this pattern called Procuratie is never ending.

I am totally loving what is created when one is brave enough to 
take that small powder room or alcove and get a bit silly.

Yes, I am all for a bit of tomfoolery showing.

Images:  Cole and Sons

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