Friday, May 24, 2013

Color Palette No. 12 - Chocolate and Vanilla Twist

Yup, it's summer time and I'm your typical chocolate and vanilla twist cone girl.  But when the rest of the line is gawking at the long list of creative concoctions available at the local ice cream shoppe, my ice cream is already in my hands.  Sorbet is a bit different - but that's for another conversation.

The pureness of chocolate and vanilla as a color palette is not one that demands restraint.  I love the backdrop this combination offers for exquisite carvings, marvelous objects d' art, graceful curves, and delicate pattern.  Even still, with all that, holds a clean and calming effect on the room's character.

Okay, so once in a while you decide you will see what all the fuss is about, and add a few sprinkles or crushed pistachios to your cone.  The innocence of this color palette hasn't been lost.

Are you seeing that ottoman at the fireplace?  Vanilla is anything but boring!

Okay, so you ask for a cherry on top of the cone, just this once.

Careful, your sorbet is showing!

My paint color picks for this color palette are easy.  And please, don't think too easy means you have to keep looking.  It doesn't.  Plain and simple.

Benjamin Moore BM2113 Chocolate Sundae

Benjamin Moore OC090 Vanilla Ice Cream

Image Sources:  Barry Dixon, House Beautiful, Elle Decor, AD, Benjamin Moore

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