Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Rethinking the Look of Things, No. 26 - Sea Legs

The memories of watching our son and daughter running in the sand with their buckets to collect the prettiest (our daughter) seashells and the most unusual (our son) early in the morning are  part of my fondest of summer.

I suppose that is why the discovery of an amazing piece of coral while antiquing a few years ago was a day I won't forget.  It's one of those pieces you clutch all the way to the front counter so as not to have it stole away by a jealous treasure hunter.  

These sea treasures can evoke a story in our home in many forms.  

Loving this brave display of many travels to the coast - especially the magnifying glass, 
to catch all the wonderment of the treasures.

Yes, this room will give you wrinkly fingers because you won't want to exit the water.

When books are just so predictable - sea legs conquer.

This Spore Mirror - l.o.v.e.

Find your sea legs and add your story with a special piece of this wondrous part of nature!

Image Sources:  Arteriors, Architectural Digest, Florida Design, Elle Decor

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