Monday, January 28, 2013

Gotta Love No. 28 - Oh Dominos!

I love the game of Dominoes. The lure of strategy is enticing, but I have to admit the feel and look of the domino pieces themselves is pretty cool. Especially if they are made of bone.  Bone inlaid furniture has the same allure for me. The amazing art created through such a tedious process is remarkable. But what I love most is what a statement a piece can make when done right.

Here are a few images of "done right"! Oh dominoes!

Love the mix!

Oh how the French love to mingle!

I could write a thousand words.

No fear here.

Toile and this mirror...stunning!

Try to change out the chest and the room wouldn't be the same.


Image Sources:  Graham and Green, House Beautiful, Elle Decor, House to Home, Simplified Bee, A Little Nudge, My Design Chic

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