Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Gotta Love No. 27 - Chain Link

A few years ago while meeting with a fabric representative, I was shown a grid-like pattern that was newly introduced. When the fabric rep told me that the inspiration for this pattern was the netting used to bag Christmas trees I was intrigued.  It reminded me of the classic chain link pattern that never seems to grow old.

No matter the layers added to the chain link design it always shines through.  Whether traditional or modern surroundings this pattern is a classic.

How beautiful are both the cabinet doors as well as the table base? The geometric symmetry are stunning.

From bone china...to bed linens - this pattern is as comfortable as a worn pair of jeans.

 Though I don't care for it's design in the fence application, I do love it for home decor.

Image Sources:  Elle Decor, Global Views, Houzz, Decor Pad, Pinterest, Kate Spade, Sweet Something

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