Thursday, October 11, 2012

Translation - Fashion to Home No. 11 - The Motorcycle Jacket

Something about the motorcycle jacket that conjures up a delightfully dangerous smile.  We have all known a "bad boy" in our life time. Whether from our home town or in the movies. Depending on how brave we are about showing that side of us can translate into a wonderful addition to our home decor.

And the translation can be downright bold or it can be subtle. We can translate it by using leather upholstery in black hues or be shy and use camel, cognac, or brown leather hues. Don't fool yourself - your bad is showing no matter how you choose to incorporate it. 

Love the use of leather on these director chairs.

The translation can be sleek or traditional. It can even translate into appearing as if the jacket itself is just thrown over a chair in the room. I sort of get that impression from the room image above in this Nate Berkus room. 

Perhaps the translation comes into the room by using the bold black color on the walls and pairing it with the traditional Chesterfield sofa in a caramel color. Your bad is still showing.

Whether adding this element to the living room, the den, or the dining room the translation is a welcome one. Because just as the motorcycle jacket hasn't evolved in its design for many years, the translation remains traditional in its design as well. Furniture styles that have withstood the test of time.

When introduced on a Chesterfield or with wood finishes, embellished with nailhead trim, or inspired by the buckles on the motorcycle jacket and paired with chrome - this translation is a classic.

Put it on a French-inspired chair - you aren't going to fool me. Your bad is showing! And it looks stunning!

Image Sources:  Ralph Lauren, Elle Decor, Architectural Digest, Decor Pad, Pinterest, Luxury Obsessed

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