Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Be Inspired No. 42 - Jack O' Lanterns

What a display!

Wow, do you know Jack? I am inspired by these pumpkin works of art! These aren't your childhood jack o' lanterns for sure. 

Love the zebra print pumpkin!

Amazing how art creations that catch our eye are those that are achieved with simplicity sometimes. Can't find white pumpkins - paint them. Want your pumpkin creations to last - don't cut them - paint decorations on them.

Welcome back decoupage! How cool are these pumpkins! From the leaf motif to the sophisticated Blue Willow pumpkin!

Love this fireplace display. What a great idea for an indoor Fall Get Together.

Celebrating Fall by the sea. Very cool!

Leave it to Martha, lace patterned pumpkins. How simple, but so elegant.

Can't go wrong with monograms.

See what some pumpkins, wire, wire cutters, and some pliers can do. 

Now you know Jack!

Image Sources:  Martha Stewart, Country Living, BHG, Coastal Living, Pinterest, HGTV, The Cottage Journal

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  1. Holy Jack! These are some spectacular punkins!


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