Monday, October 15, 2012

RSVP Collection No. 42 - Tea and Coffee - An Art

It's intoxicating. The aroma, the taste. I love tea, I do not care for coffee, however, the aroma of coffee lures me. Sort of like the smell of a good cigar.

There are very rich traditions of serving and drinking tea that have been passed on for generations. But what is cool about these beverages is that if time is of the essence, the pleasure of these beverages can be enjoyed on the fly.

The pleasure it brings simply to our sense of smell is amazing. Take it a step further and select the cup you are pouring it into with a bit more selection. And our sense of sight is drawn into this art form as well. The sense of touch is delighted in its warm comfort or cool refreshment. Iced or hot we know our sense of taste will be happy.

If this is your cup of tea - designate a special place in your home for all the fixins'.

When you have the time for the ritual of afternoon tea, refer to this video of the etiquette of tea.

Image Sources:  YouTube, Hanson and Ellis, Shopping Cart and Shopper

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