Friday, October 12, 2012

Well Dressed Home No. 24 - The Fireplace Mantel

The fireplace mantel is a wonderful place to show our personality in our home. So how is that we find it easy to decorate this area at the holidays but struggle accessorizing it otherwise? Perhaps we find it hard to realize that there are no rules in design. We've been told rules exist - well if you still believe that - then approach the fireplace mantel as a place to break them.

When accessorizing the fireplace mantel keep the surrounding wall areas in mind. If the fireplace is surrounded by bookcases or open cabinets, the accessories perhaps should be more simplistic.

What is placed on and above the fireplace mantel can change the shape of a fireplace area, can enhance a ceiling height, can draw you in to see a painting close up. It is indeed a focal point and should be treated as one.

Fireplace mantels are a blank canvas and you are the artist. Create, step back, tweak, step back, take away, add, step back, got it! It's a dance between you and this space of your home. It will come together - just approach it with an open mind and a collection of things that make you smile.

Image Sources:   Joy Tribout, Courtney Giles, Architectural Digest, Arcadian Home, Pinterest, House Beautiful, Picasa Web

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  1. but the most important aspect of the the fire within!


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