Friday, June 10, 2011

RSVP Collection No. 6 - Wine and Its Labels

I must confess that when browsing my local wines and spirits shop I first consider a wine based on its label design. Sort of like when I occasionally go to a horse race and select the horse I'm going to bet on by the jockey's silks, then the horse's name. I don't win..often. But it sure is fun!

Here are some of my favorite label designs because..

Reminds me of Summer fun!

LBD can't go wrong.

He's just so darn cute!


Soul searching?

Toes in the Sand.

Stags are cool.

Reminds me of our trip.

Shoes, of course.

Something about a man and a horse.

Love the color!

Layer Cake, 'nough said.


Best holiday party wine. Anything that sparkles can't be bad.

Love the story behind this vintner.

Cool play on words.

She's sassy!

Makes me smile.

Pokey and snappy!

Image Sources Unknown

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