Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Gotta Love No. 2 - Monograms

Monograms historically were reserved for royalty as a signature, then in Victorian times used as a symbol of your status. Vintage monograms are works of art, to say the least.

Image Willow Bee Inspired

I found this alphabet monogram at one of my favorite antique haunts a few years ago. It was printed in the late 1800s and is only signed by the letter "D". It is said that the inventor of the linotype machine went crazy because of the very intricate work. I had it framed and gave it as a gift to a dear lady named Sue.

Wow, these images remind me I need to have special purchases monogrammed more often!
Image Etsy

Image Unknown

Vintage Silver Cigarette Case

Images Etsy

Image Unknown

Image DLK Designs

I am drinking in this monogram garden design at Frederiksborg Garden, Denmark.  But alas, I don't have a gardener on staff. I'd settle for a sketch of this garden plan to frame. (Just saying.)

Image Unknown

Image No Doors
 We have a trapezoid window above our front door and I totally can see this ironwork there! (With a "W" of course!)

Image EHow

And how easy would it be to recapture the lost art of letter writing with these gems?
Image Vera Wang

Image Precious Bugarin

The use of monograms in the following images are wonderful.  It never gets old for me!
Image Southern Living - Heather Chadduck

Image Southern Living

Image Elle Decor-German Edition

Image Pintrest

Image Gone Stitching

Loving this vintner's monogram. Does anyone else select wine somewhat based on the design of the label?

Image Sferra Linen

Monogram Etiquette (via

Monogramming for Individual:
You may choose to use either the first initial, last initial, or all three initials.
If a three-letter monogram with all three letters same size, the initials should go in the same order as the name. If the middle letter is larger then the other two letters, then the middle letter should be the initial of the last name.
Monogramming for Couple:
If monogramming for a couple as a rule of thumb, place the woman's first initial followed by the couple's last initial slightly larger. Followed by the man's first initial (same size as the woman's first initial).

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