Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Finds No. 4 - Recent Scores

Here are a few recent "finders keepers" things I've scored.

Score! Smith Hawkins Garden Structures book was found at a local library book sale for $1.00. This wonderful hardback book is filled with spectacular images of garden structures that will have you running to your local home center for materials to start building one!

Image Willow Bee Inspired
Leather and Fabric for Chair Project in the Works

Remember my mention of the latest Willow Bee Inspired-High Gloss Edition project? (See High Gloss Editions No. 1 on this blog). The original cover on the chair was leather so I wanted to repeat that but in a lively apple green color. Score! I happen upon a leather hide at a local fabric outlet in the perfect shade for a steal! Keep posted the chair should be finished soon!

Image Design Sponge
Inspiration for my score of the panoramic black and white photograph

I was in one of my favorite antique shops a few weeks ago and picked up a flyer for a tag sale. Score! This tag sale was nothing but antiques and historical items. I picked up two really cool military ships flags in bright colors, amazing black and white photography series (ok, eye candy) of a naval baseball team from World War II (don't you just love when teams are divided into shirts and skins?), a sensational 36" long panoramic black and white photograph from a 1927 military battalion reunion at the Pennsylvania Capital steps, really cool British hat badges, and a small wooden box kit from 1947 of Swiss watch parts - each tiny part is in small clear tube with cork stoppers labeled with numbers.

Swiss Watch Parts Box
(My find is not in this big of a box, but still amazing!)

British Hat Badge

While I was scavenging through the storage totes at this tag sale, the owner's Dad commented, "well you sure don't miss anything, you probably know more about what my son has then he does." Well, guess what, I went back the next day; there were a few more treasures to be had. Like a really cool embroidered British ship hat badge that is going to be fantastic on a pillow! And two British metropolitan police hat badges that I'm certain are reproductions, but cool nonetheless. I am contemplating using these as gift package embellishments.

Score! So the Community Aid store in our area advertised a one-day only parking lot book sale. What caught my eye was the hardback books 3 for $1.00. I went with visions of finding wonderful books on travel, decorating, gardening, and some good summer reading. Success - average price per book puchased - 21 cents!

Image Sources:  Unknown except as noted.

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